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This is a 1 month full body cardio workout program for the month of FEBRUARY.


Cardio is short for Cardiovascular. In terms of working out, a cardiovascular exercise is a vigorous activity that causes heart rate and respiration levels to increase, leading to a rise in blood flow and oxygen levels throughout the body. This can help improve things such as energy, mood, and concentration.


With this program you can expect full body cardio workouts that will help break any platus that your body might be experiencing and work your muscles diffrently than the traditional forms of cardio.


This workout planner contains:

  • 32 Total workouts
    • Each workout takes about 30 minutes.
  • 2 seperate workout programs to pick from based on what you have access to.
    • Workout planner 1 uses dumbbells.
    • Workout planner 2 does not use any eqipment.
  • Clickable links to each exercise that will direct you to a “how to” video on YouTube.

February Workout Planner

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